This is NOC’s first international office – a major milestone in our journey as a National Oil Corporation (NOC) having the largest proven oil reserves in Africa. Our presence in Houston signals the important role this office can play in the development of our Oil & Gas and Petroleum sectors.

“Houston will serve as a vital Procurement and Engineering hub for NOC to tap into the expertise and technology in the market. We intend to expand our capability and upgrade our cutting-edge research and development to ensure Houston becomes the focal point for the rehabilitation of our O&G sector. For our US partners, this office will become a gateway to new opportunities in the industry as we look to sustain and grow this which is integral to our national economic development”.

Libyan NOC Chairman


The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation, Farhat Ben Gdara, has announced from Benghazi the launch of the new graduate training program for more than 7,000 graduates from across Libya.



An agreement to develop exploration and production sharing between the National Oil Corporation and Eni.

After National Oil Corporation Chairman Farhat Ben Qaddara signed an agreement with the head of the Italian company ‘‘Eni’’, Claudio Discalzi, which includes the development of exploration and production sharing in the oil and gas sector in
Libya, this agreement will achieve significant investments for the Libyan state.
These investments will range from $7 to $9 billion in the oil sector, in addition to net revenues estimated at least $13 billion, and no amount of this extent has been invested in the Libyan oil and gas sector for the last twenty five years, and it will also encourage other partners to return to their exploration and development activity in Libya as soon as possible.




Libyan National Oil Corporation Houston Branch

The newly established office of the Libyan National Oil Corporation Houston Branch in Houston, Texas has become the first international branch office of the NOC. Houston was carefully selected because of its strong links and importance to the Oil & Gas and Energy market. The focus for Libyan NOC Houston Branch, from start-up, will be to support the National Oil Corporation and its subsidiary companies to rehabilitate the entire Oil & Gas industry across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors in Libya.

Modernization is at the forefront of our objective and therefore, the Libyan Oil & Gas industry is currently in the rebuilding and redevelopment phase and Libyan NOC Houston Branch’s Office in Houston will play a vital role in this process.

What We Do

Identified and designated by NOC as the Branch office to oversee, manage and execute the turnkey Procurement functions;  Libyan NOC Houston Branch will, on behalf of all oil affiliated subsidiary companies in Libya, have the responsibility to perform these services by selecting professional suppliers and service providers from the local, national and international arena. Libyan NOC Houston Branch has been mandated to lead a USD 60 billion covering procurement, engineering, feasibility studies and technical training in an effort to upgrade Libya’s Oil & Gas sector, which will facilitate the potential increase of production to 2.1 million barrels per day by 2023.

The main objectives for Libyan NOC Houston Branch , from inception, will be to identify and establish framework agreements with “key” manufacturers and equipment suppliers. In addition, contracts will be entered into with service providers offering ancillary support to the Procurement activities such as, inspection and logistics.

Another function of Libyan NOC Houston Branch will be to support, on behalf of NOC, their training programs covering continued improvement across various disciplines including technical engineering, design and administration.